2017 Plans & Strategy

Field Day 2017 Committee Report

Gordon Wainwright and I share the belief that a well-organized Field Day can be of immense benefit to our amateur radio club. We see our GOALS for the MIRA Field Day 2017 being as follows:

  1. A social gathering combining the fun of a picnic and dinner with some radio focus- FUN!
  2. An outstanding opportunity for recruitment, mentoring and publicity.
  3. A test of our equipment, organizational ability and operating skills.
  4. A competitive event. We see this as the least important of our goals because our intent is to make clear that we aren’t worried about our results.  Everyone will be encouraged to operate at his/her own level.  (straight keys available at all stations)  But, sometimes keeping score can be useful – otherwise playing poker without money? Without purpose and boring!?

DATE:  Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, June 25, 2017

As MIRA members know, we are working to produce a bigger and better Field Day this year, with full club involvement. We will follow the ARRL Field Day template in which FD is a radio contest to which has been added a series on incentives to explore new technologies, attract new members, and display our emergency preparedness capabilities in a public venue.  We will need help from everyone to the extent each of you can assist. While we know some our members have mobility and health issues, not all jobs require heavy lifting or great dexterity – your moral support is worth a lot.

The City of Parksville has granted us permission to use the Parksville Beach area for our June 24/25 Field Day event

The plan we submitted proposed using about one half of the parking lot behind the Curling Rink for our vehicles and set-up, and the adjacent grass Kite Field for antennas and operating spaces (as necessary).  The City has even allowed us to operate through the night with a skeleton crew of operators so that we can be a part of the action for the full duration of the event. At this time we have extended an invitation to NARA (Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association) to join us at our Parksville location.  Last year they invited us to join them at a private farm in Nanoose and we had a great time. While we do not yet have a final confirmation from NARA, regarding their intentions, we will certainly include them in our plan should they choose to join us.

  • We will need operators for two regular HF stations, plus a GOTA (Get-On-The-Air) station, plus a VHF station (i.e., VE7PI) … the combined operation of which might also call for the assistance of experienced coaches. In addition to the foregoing activities, we will also need a “roustabout team” to meet Field Day set-up and take-down requirements. And finally, a small team of volunteers will be required to service our Public Information table – I doubt we should have any difficulty in finding ready assistance in this regard.
  • A number of people have already come forward, volunteering their services as noted below, but more strength will be required to support this year’s more ambitious FD program, so please don’t be shy to offer your assistance where you would feel most capable & comfortable in contributing to the program. Those already committed include: Nigel Forge (VE7NDF) – IT Support, Terry Lyster (VA7EDX) – satellite comms, and Len Hooper (VE7XLH) – traffic handling & message copying the W1AW Field Day transmission. With volunteer assistance, your Executive will handle the following items, i.e.: press releases, media publicity, contact with political officials (i.e., mayors, MLAs, etc), and contact with the local emergency service agencies such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.
  1. We need to make a few radio contacts using ALTERNATE POWER (i.e., wind, water, solar, geothermal, trained hamster or whatever) Ideas are welcome?
  1. The ARRL encourages Field Day organizations to include some form of EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY (Morse code classes in the sunshine?) What new & interesting ideas come to mind?
  1. Points will be awarded for YOUTH PARTICIPATION in our FD program. Do you know any likely youths and have you any ideas in this regard?
  1. Additional points will also be awarded if we use SOCIAL MEDIA (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) to promote our Field Day program. While e-mail might be considered challenging enough for many of us, we need to go further … so your ideas will also be appreciated in how we might implement the a/m technologies.

Closing comment: In response to the foregoing calls for ideas and assistance, please communicate your good ideas or willingness to assist to either Don Mullis (VE7AX) or Dave Ireland (VA7QED) at your earliest convenience.

Don Mullis (VE7AX) Co-coordinator