Weekly Club Net Moving to UHF

As of Sunday January 29, 2017 MIRA will be changing venue from VHF to UHF for the 9:00 am net.  After reviewing the results of 9 weeks of testing VE7SYD it was decided at the recent executive meeting to make this major change that will result in members being able to hear net control much more clearly as well as to see an improvement to their signal quality.

Often signals from VE7RPQ have been so poor that net control has been unable to copy and other members have had the same difficulty.  This has not always been the case but reliability just isn’t there.   MIRA members all recognize the good work Mark VA7IX has done over the years to keep VE7RPQ on the air.

We will continue to use VE7RPQ as a backup repeater in case VE7SYD should fail. On January 29 and for several Sundays following we plan to QSY after the net to VE7RPQ to pick up any members who can’t operate on UHF.  We expect this number to be very few or nil.  We would appreciate hearing from members who are not UHF capable so that we may assist them.

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