Weekly Nets

Weekly Nets


On January 29, 2017 MIRA changed its Sunday net from VHF to UHF.  Our net is now heard on

VE7SYD        442.275 MHz  + 5 MHz       136.5 Hz tone

Location:    summit of Mt. Arrowsmith, 1,800 m elevation,

33 km west of Parksville, BC.

Power:         batteries, solar panel charging

Enclosure:  fiberglass Comshell protecting repeater and antenna from the

severe weather.

Access:        strenuous climb or by helicopter

This repeater was made possible through the efforts of honorary MIRA member Jeff (VA7JPS), who provided  the equipment, installation and servicing.  Thank you Jeff!

The signals heard these past 38 Sundays have once again proven the value of mountain top repeaters.  Signal reports and range have been excellent with Lou (VA7LAP) and Bob (VA7 RJP) in Campbell River, sounding like locals.

The Future:  there is the possibility of linking the VE7SYD repeater with the VHF hub at the Errington firehall.  If completed, this would improve the signal quality and reach of our local Parksville VHF repeaters.  More information to follow.

Frank (VE7DSN) has been our net controller for more years than one can remember.  You can set your watch by the time he starts the net at 9 am Sunday morning!  Hats off to you Frank from all MIRA members who have and continue to enjoy your dedication to running our net!


Honorary MIRA member Mark (VA7IX) has discontinued running the Tuesday evening net at 7 pm due to an insufficient number of check ins.  His net used the VE7RPQ repeater at the Errington firehall at 145.370 MHz.  +600 kHz  with a 100.0 Hz tone.  Thank you Mark for your determination and patience in trying to make this net a success.

If the VE7SYD repeater should fail, this VHF repeater will be used as back up.

Syd (VE7PI), Repeater Group