Weekly Nets

Weekly Net

Weekly Sunday Morning Net

The well-established Sunday 9am net operates on the repeater VE7SYD, with a UHF frequency of 442.275 MHz, up 5 MHz with a 136.5 Hz tone.  This net has been in service for many years under the capable control of Frank, VE7DSN and will continue to be there for us.  If you are using a beam antenna, aim it for the summit of   Mt. Arrowsmith to the west of Parksville.

The Breakfast Bunch Week Day Net, Mon to Fri is taking a break over Summer, June, July & August Back in September

The weekday net, also on VE7SYD, at 9am Monday through Friday has been well subscribed and will be back in the Fall.

Note:  After the 9am Sunday net closes, Frank will QSY to VE7RPQ to pickup any hams who are not equipped to operate on UHF.  Use 145.370 MHz, down 600 kHz with a 141.3 Hz tone.

Terry VE7EDX