AGM 2016 June 20

MIRA AGM June 20, 2016

Meeting opened at 1100

Present: Dave QED, Len XLH, Rudy QBD, Tony AJN, Don AX, John PX, Gordon IK, Keith TAF  

John PX was invited to describe his proposal to expand and redesign the MIRA website.  John applauded the work done by Frank DSN on the existing website. The proposal had been described to the executive committee on June 18 and was approved in principle and moved for discussion at the AGM. John will teach any member who is interested in website design and who might assist in maintaining the site.

Bylaws revision update: documents have been reviewed and converted from paper to digital form and some discrepancies cleared up. Thanks to John, Keith and Larry for doing this.  Additional actions with special resolutions will be necessary if we convert to a member-funded association and make changes to the bylaws. The secretary advised that the elections of officers and directors will carry on as usual at this meeting and the AGM annual report required by Societies Branch will be sent as a paper copy for the last time as the government is moving to digital access only.

Dave noted that the club members, particularly Gordon IK have assisted other members on moving their equipment and installing antenna etc. Lately help was given to Al following his move.

Dave provided driving directions to this year’s field day site at Saddle Drive in Nanoose.   We will use the trailer and not take the mast. While no problems are anticipated it might be an idea to develop a team to plan for next year’s event. We are still looking for the club’s portable tent, check this out with John Bishop.   Dave will check with Chris about chairs and tables. NARA will also be bringing a trailer. Rules for the site including watching out for the animals at the site, etc. were discussed.

Summer picnic is well in hand.  Price is $15 with no club subsidy.

Tony AJN conducted the election of officers and directors. The following were elected by acclamation:

President: Dave Ireland VA7QED (Rudi,Keith)

Vice President: Len Hooper VE7XLH (Dave, Rudi)

Treasurer: Rodney Hyde Jones VA7FB (Dave, Don)

Secretary: Keith Smith VA7TAF (Rudi, John)

Directors: Proposed and seconded (Dave, Len)

Syd Lee VE7PI

Don Mullis VE7AX

John MacFarlane VA7PX

Gordon Wainwright VA7IK

Nominations ceased and above elected by acclamation.

It was announced that Chris James’ father has recently died and MIRA extends condolences.

Notice of the July 1 Parade: MIRA’s (ECT) has been invited again this year as comms to the marshals on the route. We have been asked for 10 volunteers and Dave will circulate details to members. Most of the executive members volunteered.

Tony AJN suggested the opportunity over the summer break to think about things that could be done for next year eg recruitment, training classes, reaching out to other clubs eg NARA, Cowichan

Mobility issues are getting to be a consideration for several members and this makes the QB Fire Hall site a convenient location with no stairs to climb. It gives us the opportunity to use both fire halls. We are planning to use the QB hall for the Fall monthly meetings for this consideration.

Dave is looking into club members name tags and cards (Rodney)

Next Executive meeting September 17 and club meeting on September 20

Adjourned at 1135